Peterson - 30

Annual Volunteer of the Year Award

ECI has created an annual award to recognize and honor our exemplary volunteers for the work performed over the past year. This award has been given the name “Peterson-30” after Mr. John Peterson, CPESC #30, in honor of his dedication and efforts to ECI over the past forty (40) years. This award will provide a level of achievement for all volunteers to strive for, both personally and professionally. Each recipient has been selected by staff and will be given an award. In addition, their name will be engraved on the memorial plaque for the respective year, which will be maintained at the ECI office and on the ECI website.

Gustavo Salerno, 2020

Gustavo O. Salerno holds a degree as Executive Master Business Administration from the Austral University (IAE) and a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires, awarded with an Honorary Diploma. He was awarded with a Gold Medal and Summa Cum Laude for his academic performance by the Professional Council of Civil Engineering. Gustavo attended the Global Immersion Program at Harvard Business School, Anderson Graduate School of Management (UCLA), and Wharton School of Business.

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Erica Koh, 2019

Ms. Erica Koh, in conjunction with Envirocert, has been leading the efforts on updating the CESSWI and CPESC Manuals and creating a new certification, the Qualified Stormwater Manager (QSM) Manual. In addition, she was involved in recording QSM modules to be available online for the On-Demand training. Ms. Koh is a water resources professional engineer at Geosyntec Consultants, a consulting and engineering firm that works with private and public sector clients to address new ventures and complex problems involving the environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure.

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Ruth Wallace, 2019, 2017

Ms. Ruth Wallace is one (1) of ECI’s most valued and utilized volunteers and is being recognized for her outstanding leadership and contributions in revising the CPMSM (Certified Professional in Municipal Stormwater Management) Scope of Practice and General Principles Review Manual. She has dedicated many hours towards this endeavor and her knowledge and commitment to this project have been invaluable. In recognition for all her hard work, Ruth is being honored with the Peterson-30 Award for 2019.

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Jim O'Tousa, 2018

Jim O’Tousa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ECI with his education and professional experience. He has served as Chair of the CPESC Program Committee, is currently leading the efforts of the CPSWQ Program Committee and is Co-Chair of the Technical Committee. As Technical Co-Chair, he assists and provides leadership to the various Program and Steering Committees. Mr. O’Tousa is one of ECI’s most active and utilized volunteers. In this regard, we felt he represented the spirit and work ethic that Mr. Peterson demonstrated and instilled in ECI. For his many contributions, leadership and teamwork, Jim has been selected for the Peterson-30 Award for 2018.

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Mike Chase, 2016

Mr. Mike Chase brings over 30 years’ industry experience to ECI and has contributed to the organization in several ways; as Trainer Liaison, he currently serves on the ECI Board of Directors, and is Co-Chair of the Technical Committee. Mr. Chase assisted with the initial development the CESSWI certification and is the Chairman of the CESSWI Steering Committee. In 2016, Mike helped develop the new CPISM certification and exam and is currently on the CPISM Steering Committee tasked with the development of the manual and General Principles Review. As John Peterson has done, Mike has made significant contributions in furtherance of the technical subject matter for ECI. For his many contributions, Mike has been honored with the Peterson-30 Award for 2016.

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Mark Goldsmith, 2015

Mr. Mark Goldsmith has served ECI in a number of capacities, including CPESC Chair, President of the Board, and has been Vice President since 2014. Beyond these exceptional contributions, he is a tremendous asset who brings the highest level of integrity to the organization. Mark’s loyalty, dedication, and efforts reflect the reason that ECI established this award. Therefore, ECI has awarded Mark with the Peterson-30 award for 2015.

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Rob Anderson, 2015

Serving ECI as Executive Director and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Robert Anderson has been responsible for leadership and direction of the organization since 2014. Mr. Anderson was initially responsible for the transition and restructuring including administration, finance, operations, marketing, international relations, and technical direction through August 2017 as the Interim Executive Director. At this time, the Board has asked Mr. Anderson to continue as the Executive Director and provide continued leadership and expansion of ECI.

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John Peterson, 2014

John Peterson gives his time selflessly to advance and promote ECI and for the betterment of the environmental community. He personifies honor and integrity and is considered by all in the ECI organization as the senior statesmen. He embodies the principles that ECI represents and advances. John was fundamental in leading the efforts to have CPESC recognized both in the US and internationally. Since that time, he has time and again been the leader and standard for the organization and environmental community.

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