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EnviroCert International, Inc.® (ECI) is a Non Profit Organization whose purpose is to elevate knowledge and inspire conservation of the global environment through professional certification.

On Demand Review Courses

Schedule an On Demand review course with EnviroCert International from the comfort of your home or office. ECI has partnered with Prometric to provide bundles to meet your needs. Submit a Prometric Testing Request through the Candidate Management System (CMS).

On Demand Exams

ECI Professional Certification Exams are now available at Prometric Testing Centers. These in-person exams include live proctoring to maintain the credibility and standards that our professionals are held to. Exams are included in the On Demand review bundles available through Prometric.

Certifications & Certificates

EnviroCert was established to provide guidelines for the practice of StormWater Quality (CPSWQ), Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), Municipal Stormwater Management (CPMSM), StormWater Inspections (CESSWI), and Industrial Stormwater Management (CPISM).

International Registry and Jurisdictional Resources

EnviroCert International has created the International Registry and the Jurisdictional Resources map.

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