Gerald R. Montgomery

One of California’s most respected environmental compliance professionals for nearly three decades, Jerry Montgomery provides a full complement of storm water compliance services to SWPPQueen clients. In addition, he assists with estimating and managing client projects and performs training services to both SWPPQueen employees and the Company’s roster of clients.

Prior to joining ‘Queen, Jerry served as Chief Operating Officer of Montgomery & Associates, Inc., the company he Ccofounded, for nine years. Prior, he held the positions of Business Leader of Construction Management and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Services at Interwest Consulting Group headquartered in Arcadia, California.

Earlier in his career, Jerry worked as a Construction Manager for public agencies, homebuilders, developers, and utility companies in cities across California. “My robust and varied experience allows me to understand the needs of our clients and serve them in the fullest possible way, because I can see things through their eyes” Jerry shares. “At Queen, our ultimate goal is always to uphold environmental standards and improve the lives of people in the communities we and our clients serve.”

Jerry says, “My diverse background as a Construction Manager also gives me special insight that permits me to develop strategies our clients will readily support. Queen is a program-building firm, and our collective corporate goal is to build an ongoing ‘culture of compliance’ that starts with us, extends to our clients, and informs the public consciousness as well. I am also very comfortable speaking in public, which is vital in my role as both advocate and trainer,” he says, “and the ability to reach out to the greater public is special pleasure for me.” A frequent guest at conferences and forums nationwide, Jerry has spoken at several CASQA Annual Conferences, as well as IECA National Conferences and APWA and ASCE events.
Jerry earned his B.S. in Public Administration and Construction Management at the University of Denver.

His professional credentials include:

• Certified Professional of Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) from Envirocert Intl.
• Certified Professional of Storm Water Quality (CPSWQ) from Envirocert Intl.
• Certified Erosion, Sediment and Storm Water Inspector (CESSWI) from Envirocert Intl.
• Qualified Storm Water Practitioner (QSP) from State Water Resources Control Board, CA
• Qualified Storm Water Developer (QSD) from State Water Resources Control Board, CA
• Qualified Industrial Storm Water Practitioner (QISP) from State Water Resources Control Board, CA
• Construction Trainer of Record (CToR) from State Water Resources Control Board, CA
• Industrial Trainer of Record (IToR) from State Water Resources Control Board, CA

He is also a Certified as a Trainer for CPESC, CPSWQ and CESSWI from Envirocert, Intl.; and a Certified Trainer of Mandatory WPCM Training from Caltrans.

Jerry is especially investing in seeing training help the latter project (Mandatory Water Pollution Control) develop and sustain over the long term. “Its success will be measured by a reduction in pollution from the single largest land-owner in the State of California, Caltrans,” he advises. “As one of only three authorized trainers on this project, I feel it is my responsibility to deliver training in a way that enables WPCM’s to perform their jobs at a higher level.”

Relatedly, Jerry is a member of both the Caltrans-Industry Storm Water Subcommittee and California State Construction General Permit Training Team. Formerly, he served as Municipal Phase 2 Committee Chairman of the California Storm Water Quality Association (CASQA)

As testament to his community-mindedness, Jerry also performs pro-bono committee work with local and community organizations. He confides, “I take my role as an industry leader seriously,” and adds, “I have always tried to give back as much as possible because, throughout my career, so many who came ahead of me have given generously of their time and talent to me. It’s also important that I use my skills to serve others, both my immediate community and fellow citizens at large,” Jerry says.