Complaint and Enforcement Information

Ethics Complaints: ECI keeps records of complaints against Certified Professionals and non-certified individuals for five (5) years. Details about the complaint and action(s) taken can be viewed by selecting the PDF included with the complaint number. Details can be viewed for both unsubstantiated and valid complaints.

Complaint Enforcement against Certified Professionals can be found here.

Complaint Enforcement against non-certified professionals can be found here.

Please note that no information will be disclosed about a complaint that is in process.

The following information about the finalized complaint will be disclosed :

  • The date the complaint was received and the date on which final disposition of the complaint was reached.
  • The disposition of the complaint, as follows:
    • Subject name if actions were taken
    • Complaint description
    • Complaint mediated/resolved
    • Compliance obtained
    • Any other action taken, formal or informal

Disclaimer/Explanation for Disciplinary Documentation:

Complaints are posted online. The certificant is entitled to contest the charges in a formal hearing before an Ethics Advisory Panel. A complaint is usually resolved by an Ethics Advisory Panel decision following such a hearing or by an agency decision pursuant to a settlement agreement. A complaint is resolved through a final disciplinary decision.

Final disciplinary decisions are posted on the website once they become final and effective. A final disciplinary decision contains findings, determinations, and an order. If there are findings of violations, the order may include revocation or suspension of the certification, a stayed revocation or suspension of the certification with a probationary period and terms and conditions or probation, or a public reproval. In the alternative, the decision may find that no violations or violations of a de minimum nature occurred and order the dismissal of the complaint.