Advancing Your Career

Why Are ECI Certifications Right For You?

EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI) is an international, accreditation compliant, certification body recognized throughout the United States and over forty-four (44) countries. With more than 40,000 certifications awarded over forty (40) years, individuals should obtain an ECI Professional Certification because:

  • ECI professional certifications ensure the public that the professional has demonstrated a standard of knowledge and experience within the environmental profession.
  • ECI administered professional certifications demonstrate the professional possesses a breadth and depth of skills that increase value to employers and clients.
  • Creates a community where knowledgeable professionals connect with one another from around the world to attack and solve complex and ever-changing ecologic challenges.
  • ECI certifications establish a standard of professional competence and minimum threshold recognized throughout the industry.
  • These certifications demonstrate a commitment to excellence and promotion of ECI and community core values.
  • With over a forty (40) year legacy and worldwide foundation, ECI professional certifications cultivate and enhance a standard of leadership within the industry.
  • Individuals earning professional certification demonstrate excellence in technical achievement and are recognized by peers, colleagues, government agencies, present and prospective employers, and clients.
  • Stormwater and related environmental fields involve constantly evolving technology and standards. ECI requires continuing education to ensure our professionals advance scientific understanding of these evolutionary trends.
  • ECI certifications foster development of the individual’s capabilities through realization of long-term career goals.
  • ECI professional certifications elevate credibility in courts of law and other legal proceedings.

EnviroCert International, Inc. establishes and influences national and international standards that promote and influence the professional’s goals and career path.