Staff & Board Member Contact Information

Please expand the lists below to find detailed information for each contact. If you are interested in finding a State Program Representative please use the EnviroCert Directory to search for those representatives.

Sacramento Office:
3054 Fite Circle, Suite 108 | Sacramento, CA 95827 | +1 (279) 888-6911 (voice) | +1 (828) 655-1622 (fax)

President/Executive Director
Rob Anderson |

Vice President
Mark Goldsmith

Past President
John Peterson

Francisco Urueta

Mike Chase

Jim O’Tousa

Melissa McKinney

Jeremiah Walker

Rob Anderson, Chief Executive Officer | *ext. 101 |

Melissa McKinney, Chief Operating Officer | *ext. 133 |

Logan Holland, Administration Manager | *ext. 123 |

The following people are the official liaisons between their national members and the BOD

Azman Abu Bakar |

Ibero America
Francisco Urueta |

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