Certification Committee (CC)


The Certification Committee (CC) is established to continue the technical growth and expansion of each certification program. The CC for each certification shall consist of subject matter experts (SME) whose responsibility shall be to develop and maintain valid, legally defensible, and credible certificate programs in accordance with the latest approved policies and procedures. All such policies and procedures shall be based upon professionally recognized psychometric principles and on the standards of the accreditation body(ies) by which certificate is accredited or recognized.

The CC is an effective tool for:

  • Scope of Practice/Job
  • Analysis Review
  • SME
  • Exams and Exam Bank Development
  • Coordination with Psychometrician
  • ANSI Accreditation
  • ECI Foundation Coordination
  • State and Regional Representatives
  • Staff Coordination
  • Certification Outreach
  • Industry Outreach

Certifications & Certificates