Certified Professional in StormWater Quality Professionals are rigorously trained, tested and certified ensuring they are qualified to inspect: erosion and sediment control and stormwater compliance.

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Certified Professional in StormWater Quality™

CPSWQ – Identifies professionals with a comprehensive knowledge & understanding of stormwater and erosion control regulations. Certified stormwater professionals are recognized by state and federal regulators as qualified professionals in their field. CPSWQ Certification is a requirement on many projects and specifications.

The CPSWQ program addresses the regulatory framework and technical implementation and management of stormwater for the three (3) main target areas: construction, municipal, and industrial stormwater programs. The CPSWQ certification is intended to ensure that professional certificants meet Federal requirements including the US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NDPES) definition of “Qualified Personnel” and have the knowledge and experience to ensure that the projects they oversee meet State and local regulatory requirements.

The CPSWQ program covers all phases of stormwater management including planning, design, construction, implementation, observation, maintenance, and inspection. Successful certificants have been evaluated and tested and have demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of: Federal regulations, stormwater pollutants, stream environments, watershed hydrology, quantification (pollutant removal), construction, municipal and industrial stormwater management BMPs and design techniques, CSOs, inspection, maintenance, and solids management.

Benefits of CPSWQ® On Site

Stormwater management, both quality and quantity, are critical parts of almost every project. Federal and State agencies are increasing regulation and enforcement every year. The environmental impact of poor stormwater management is significant and proven, which makes it abundantly clear that all projects should have a professional on the design team and on-site, who understands these subjects and has the ability to address them effectively.  Having a qualified professional on your team helps to ensure projects are done correctly, are well documented, meet regulatory requirements, adhere to schedules, and don’t incur penalties.

Certified Professionals in StormWater Quality possess the professional experience and have proven their proficiency on subjects including but not limited to:

  • Federal, State, Local regulations
  • Permit application requirements for: municipalities, construction activity, and industrial activity
  • Enforcement and penalties
  • Stormwater pollutant categories, their sources, and the pollutant removal processes
  • Stream environment: classifications, orders, channel profile and patterns, stability, and sediment transport
  • Watershed hydrology and hydraulics: methods, calculations for peak flow rate, and detention storage estimations
  • Quantification: pollutant categorizations, methods, and pollutant load calculations
  • Stormwater management: BMPs, design techniques
  • Municipal and Industrial: CSOs, Phase I and Phase II MS4s, Industrial categories and SIC code, MSGP
  • Inspection, Maintenance, and Solids Management: construction and post construction inspections and maintenance, municipal maintenance, and solids management

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