Strategic Advisory Council (SAC)


The SAC makes recommendations and/or provides key information and materials to the BOD on business, planning and strategy issues.  Public relations and outreach are intended to be two of the most important roles of the SAC.  Therefore, the SAC is intended to be a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills that complement the knowledge and skills of the formal Board members.  The members of the SAC will bring additional insight and assistance for the organization on a wide variety of business and planning areas.  The Council will serve to provide studies and advice to the BOD for areas designated for vetting and analysis which include but not limited to:

  • Business strategies;
  • Forward planning;
  • Strategic goals and activities;
  • Marketing and outreach;
  • Advertising;
  • Fundraising;
  • Growth and expansion;
  • ECI community advocate; and,
  • Strategic partnerships

The SAC will also make recommendations and/or provide key information to the BOD or to various councils or committees.  As the BOD provides ultimate supervisory and fiduciary duties for all affairs of the organization, the SAC provides opinions and advice to the Board on various matters that require in depth analysis or alternate perspectives.


Andrew Macleod, CPESC 3678


Marc Thiesen, CPESC 2402, CESSWI 1060, CPSWQ 431
Peter Hanrahan, CPESC 3518
Jay Stone, CPESC 3789, CPSWQ 1205
Richard Celender, CPESC 4125, CPSWQ 421
Randy Braun, CPESC 1417, CPMSM 7
Gustavo Salerno, CPESC 3408

Liaisons (Non-Voting Representatives)

Staff Coordinator: Logan Barnette
Staff Representative: Mike Kucharski
Associate Executive Director: Melissa McKinney
Executive Director: Robert Anderson

No SAC member (voting member) may serve on the Certification Committees (CC’s), Board of Directors or PAC concurrently with the SAC.  SAC members may also serve on the TAC.


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