Certified Professional in Industrial Stormwater Management are rigorously trained, tested and certified ensuring they are qualified in the Industrial/Multi-Sector area of stormwater.


Certified Professional in Industrial Stormwater Management™

The Multi-Sector General Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity (MSGP) is a federally mandated permit which encompasses stormwater discharges for industrial facilities. Envirocert International, Inc. (ECI) provides a Professional Certification in Industrial Stormwater Management to verify that Certified Professionals have demonstrated a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the overall industrial practices from a Federal perspective.

The CPISM program includes a training program and testing of participants to evaluate their knowledge of industry standards and regulations. The CPISM educational program sets participants up to be certified as possessing in-depth knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the Multi-Sector General Permit for StormWater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity. The ECI industrial certification (CPISM) ensures that the professional has met the Federal requirements outlined by the EPA’s MSGP.

This Professional Certification provides individual states the ability to rely on this ECI program, which in turn allows the state or their agencies to focus on developing state specific testing and education programs. The CPISM certification ensures that a professional passing the exam has a detailed and in depth knowledge and understanding of the following concepts for industrial sites and professional practice:

  • Permit coverage guidelines and requirements
  • Eligibility under the permit
  • Compliance, violations and corrective action measures
  • Effluent and pollutant control measures and limitations
  • Discharge sources, outfall locations and monitoring
  • Appropriate sampling and testing procedures
  • Maintenance and good housekeeping
  • Mitigation design elements
  • Development of BMP measures to reduce and prevent industrial stormwater discharges
  • Preparing SWPPP and monitoring programs
  • Post Construction BMPs and Lid Methods