Rick Celender

Rick is a Vice President in Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.’s (CEC) Pittsburgh Office with more than 30 years of diverse experience in surveying, volumetric analysis, stormwater and erosion control BMP design and inspection, land development analysis, natural gas well pad, pipeline, and plant permitting, environmental analysis, NPDES/ESCGP permitting, landscape architecture, and civil engineering consulting. He leads CEC’s Civil/LA Practice and its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspection, survey, and aerial acquisition program, is a member of the Marcellus Shale Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Committee, and coordinates with state and federal regulatory officials related to the integration of UAV/robotic sampling technologies for permitting and reporting purposes. Rick was the UAV team leader of a project to digitally preserve important Etruscan and Roman era archaeological sites in Volterra, Italy, which won an AIA Technology in Architectural Practice Innovation award in 2017.