CPISM: Requirements, Fees & Processes

Certified Professional in Industrial Stormwater Management are rigorously trained, tested and certified ensuring they are qualified in the Industrial/Multi-Sector area of stormwater.

How to become a CPISM®: Requirements, Fees & Processes

Secondary Education Requirement

The CPISM Program requires a High School Diploma or a GED (General Education Development) Credential.

Post-Secondary Education Credit

ECI automatically awards maximum Education Credit for Qualifying Degrees (science, planning, and construction management) as shown in the program-specific sections below. Transcripts are required. Education Credit is awarded for non-qualifying degrees at the rate of one half a Qualifying Degree. Transcripts or ECI approved documentation are required. Education credit may also be awarded for professional licensure without a degree. Verification of license is required. ECI reserves the right to review various state licensing not listed to determine applicability.

In Training (IT) Certifications

Details about the In Training (IT) status can be found in the Understanding In-Training Certifications PDF.

*ECI reserves the right to review various State licensing not listed to determine applicability
** Not all science, planning, and construction management degrees apply to every certification. Non-related
degrees will be given half-credit
*** Graduate degrees not in the sciences will not receive any additional credit above a Bachelors

Certification: Eligibility & Process

Applicants are not required to take the review courses to qualify for the exam process however applicants must apply to be eligible to sit for an exam.

Only eligible candidates will be able to sit for an exam. Each candidate must complete the application process via the EnviroCert Certification Portal and pay the application fee of $350. The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The list of requirements is quite extensive. In order to be fully prepared to apply please download the list of requirements (below) and gather all of the necessary materials prior to beginning the application process.

Download List

Using EnviroCert’s Certification Portal create an account and upload the requested information you gathered in Step 1. If you have previously created an account on the certification portal you do not need a new account for this certification, please use your existing log-in information.

Details: applications will be reviewed within 30 days | $350.00 cost

On-Line Exams

Exams may be taken on-line with remote proctoring with Prometric. This will allow applicants to take the exam at their home or office with a reliable internet connection. Exams will be administered utilizing a remote proctor that will monitor the exam via your computer’s webcam.

In order to schedule an exam, you will need to complete an on-line exam request form. You must have an approved application before scheduling an exam.

Process for scheduling an exam with Prometric:

  1. Make sure you have an approved application before submitting a request.
  2. Submit your testing request through the Candidate Management System (CMS).
  3. ECI will confirm your eligibility and send an approval to Prometric within 24 business hours.
  4. You will receive an email with instructions to register and purchase the exam bundle.


QSM BundleReview Videos/Exams$325
CPESC BundlePart A/CPESC Video/Proctored Exam$365
CPSWQ BundlePart A/CPSWQ Video/Proctored Exam$365
CESSWI BundlePart A/CESSWI Video/Proctored Exam$315
CPISM ExamPart A/Proctored Exam$160
CPMSM ExamPart A/Proctored Exam$160

In-Person Exams

ECI Exams may be taken at designated Prometric testing locations. You must have an approved application before scheduling an exam. Applicants are required to bring: No.2 pencils, clear ruler, eraser, and an authorized calculator. Calculators cannot have any of the following features:

  • Internet Capability
  • Photo or Video Camera Capability
  • Audio and/or Digital Recording Capability

Renewals must be completed annually via the ECI Certification Portal. CESSWI current renewal cost is $145. Renewals must be completed by the date shown on the certificants’ wallet card, late renewals are subject to a $75 late fee. When using a debit or credit card a $14.95 third party credit card fee will apply.

Registrants are responsible to participate in activities within their annual renewal period that satisfy the requirements for each certification they hold. CPISM Certificants are required to complete 8 PDHs during their certification year. CPISM-IT are required to complete 4 PDHs each year. PDHs may be recorded in a log but must ultimately be added to each registrant’s profile in the EnviroCert Certification Portal. PDHs are required for successful renewal. Please review the Professional Development Policy for detailed explanation of qualifying courses. Each year a minimum of 1% of Certificants’ PDH records are audited by EnviroCert.

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