Dr. Wesley Donald


Dr. Wesley Donald is a Research Fellow in the Department of Civil Engineering at Auburn University. The focus of his doctoral research was on the use of ditch check practices in channelized flow for controlling erosion on highway construction sites. He has continued his research efforts in ditch check practices; assisting in the testing of sediment barriers in sheet flow applications; evaluating catch basin inserts for urban runoff applications; evaluating rainfall induced erosion and practices and products to minimize its effect; provided training in erosion and sediment control technologies to industry practitioners; and instructing undergraduate and graduate students in Introduction to Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management, Project Estimating, and Erosion and Sediment Control Technologies in Construction.

Dr. Donald also chairs the International Erosion and Sediment Control Editorial Committee and is a member of ASTM International. He has had his CPESC certification since 2015 and currently serves on ECI’s Academic Advisory Committee.