Michael Perez

Dalton Parry

Mr. Michael Perez is an assistant professor in Iowa State University’s Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering specializing in construction, post-construction, and agricultural stormwater management practices, methods, and technologies. Perez earned his doctorate degree (2016) and master’s degree (2014) in civil engineering from Auburn University. He earned his bachelor’s degree (2012) from Florida State University with a double major in civil engineering and environmental engineering.

Perez also conducted research at the Auburn University – Erosion and Sediment Control Testing Facility, where he investigated and improved department of transportation (DOT) standard stormwater management practices using large-scale testing techniques. He has performed investigations into the application of using unmanned aerial vehicle technology for construction and stormwater inspections. In addition, he has industry experience managing a DOT MS4 program and designing low impact development and green infrastructure stormwater practices for roadway projects.

Mr. Perez has had his CPESC certification since 2015 and currently serves on ECI’s Academic Advisory Committee