Charles R. Riling, Jr.

Mr. Charles R. Riling, Jr., CESSWI 2176, received his Certified Erosion Sediment Storm Water Inspector certification in 2011 and has been an approved trainer for that certification since 2014. He has been an advocate and proponent for ECI and professional certifications in his region for many years and has been very involved in the industry throughout his career.

Mr. Riling stated that, “Being associated with ECI has provided me another ‘family’ within my professional life. To belong to an organization where everyone has a common interest gives great comfort that you are not alone in your daily endeavors. You have a support group to work with and assist in the efforts to make our home a better place to live and work by teaching the proper way to enhance and create infrastructure in the most environmentally responsible manner.”

When asked the question, “who at ECI or in the industry was your greatest influence?” he responded, “Ever since I met John Peterson, I knew that he was a person that I could learn from. Whether he realizes it or not, I have looked up to John as a person, a leader, a confidant and someone that I strive to be like. If I could have an effect on a small percentage of the people that John has affected throughout his career, then I will have accomplished my goals.”

Mr. Riling has had an extensive career with the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways, which began in February of 1971 and he just completed his 47th year of service to the people of West Virginia. His tenure is ending on June 29, 2018 and upon his retirement, will be relocating to Louisville, KY to be near family.