QSM: Requirements, Fees & Processes

The Qualified Stormwater Manager is an entry level Certificate of Training that is designed to assist individuals who are new or have limited experience in the field of erosion and sediment control, stormwater, environmental, or related fields.

How to Become a QSM™: Requirements, Fees & Processes


Applicants are required to submit an Entry-Level application through ECI Certification Management System, which will require general information on each candidate and a demonstration of good moral character. The exam will be an open book exam that candidates will be able to log into via the ECI webpage and take the exam. The exams are approximately four (4) hours long and address general knowledge of stormwater principles and managing SWPPP’s. The exam will be administered through the learning management system managed by Go Media, who also manages ECI’s On-Demand reviews.

Renewals and Continuing Education:

Every certified QSM will be required to renew annually, which requires obtaining four (4) PDHs per year. If the QSM elects to join IECA they can use the Erosion and Sediment Control readings and complete the self-certifying form and earn two (2) PDHs per year. In addition, the remaining two (2) PDHs can be earned by completing any of the following actions:

  1. Attending IECA Conference Technical Sessions;
  2. Attending Ohio Stormwater Conference Technical Sessions; or,
  3. Completion of approved educational on-line classes related to stormwater and/or erosion and sediment control through IECA

Review Courses

The Presentation Review Course includes nine (9) sections:

1. Introduction
2. Rules and Regulations
3. Soils, Topography, Geomorphology, and Climate
4. Principles of Erosion Control
5. Principles of Sediment Control
6. Overview of Construction Stormwater Pollution Control Measures
7. Components of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
8. Implementation of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
9. Project Closeout and Permit Termination

NOTE: Training Review Manual is required for the course.

Certificate of Training: Eligibility & Process

Qualified Stormwater Managers are required to take the review course to qualify for the exam.

Entry level applications are completed via the EnviroCert Certification Portal, which includes an application fee of $325. This fee covers the application fee, the On-Demand review, and three attempts at the online exam. The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Note: All initial application fees include a digital copy of the Training Review Manual.

Details: Applications will be reviewed within thirty (30) days

For a step by step guide click here: How to Apply

This will be an eight (8) hour program, that will be provided On-Demand or In-Person.
The exam will be an open book exam that candidates will be able to log into via SMT Prometric. The exams will follow each module and must be passed to move forward to the next module. The exam will be administered through the learning management system managed by Prometric. All candidates who complete the Review and successfully pass the exams will be issued a QSM certification number, a wall mounted Certificate, an ID Card, and their name and QSM certification number will be added to the International Registry.

Renewals must be completed annually via the ECI Certification Portal. QSM current renewal cost is $100. Renewals must be completed by the date shown on the certificants’ wallet card, late renewals are subject to a $75 late fee. When using a debit or credit card a $9.50 third party credit card fee will apply.

QSM Certificants are required to complete 4 PDHs during their certification year. PDHs may be recorded in a log but must ultimately be added to each profile in the EnviroCert Certification Portal. PDHs are required for successful renewal. Please review the Professional Development Policy for detailed explanation of qualifying courses. Each year a minimum of one (1) percent of PDH records are audited by EnviroCert.

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