Richard P. Macho


I spent the first 25 years of my career working with the USDA Soil Conservation Service in both New York and Illinois. I took an early retirement offer and spent the next 23 years with the Madison County Soil and Water Conservation (SWCD) District in Edwardsville, IL.

Most of the time was spend on agricultural erosion and sediment control practice on cropland. In 2004, the Illinois EPA approached several SWCDs about contracting with them to provide permit inspection on their stormwater permitted sites. The caveat was the SWCD was to have a CPESC (and later a CESSWI) available to do the work. We accepted.

I averaged completing about 40 inspections per year. Since then, we have witnessed a significant improvement in the not only the quantity of E/S measures but quality also.

I got my CPESC certification in 1998 and joined the CPESC national council as state and later regional rep. In working with county officials, when CESSWI was formed, the Madison County government agreed to sponsor, (that is pay for) any municipal employee who wished to pursue their CESSWI cert. The first 2 years, about 35 staff passed their CESSWI exam.

ECI has been instrumental in providing a pathway for any employee in the E/S business to receive a creditable certification for their resume. I am very grateful to ECI for providing this pathway to successful career opportunity.