Online Exams with Remote Live Proctoring Now Available and PDH Opportunities During COVID Pandemic

1.0.   On-Line Exams with Remote Live Proctoring Now Available 

EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI), is excited to announce that the following exams were launched May 1, 2020 through Prometric:

  • Part A Rules and Regulations: Open Book Exam,
  • Qualified Stormwater Manager (QSM): 90-day access to the On-Demand QSM Review and QSM Exams; and,
  • CESSWI Bundle: 90-day access to the CESSWI On-Demand General Principles Review, Part A Exam, and the remote proctored Certification Exam

Anyone interested in purchasing the CESSWI or QSM bundle may submit a request by filling out the form found at .   You will receive an email with instructions within twenty-four (24) business hours.

All other ECI Certification exams will be available in this new format over the next few months and release dates will be included in future announcements. CPESC is scheduled to launch by May 18, 2020.

You will have the convenience of taking the exam from your home or office. All exams will be administered online on your computer. Professional certification exams have the added security of remote proctoring, with a live professional proctor who will administer the exam.

To take the exam, you will need a quiet space with access to a computer, webcam, microphone, reliable internet, no other people present, and the ability to download an app to allow for the online proctor. Detailed instructions and procedures will be provided for those individuals when they sign up for the exam.

This approach is being approved by ANSI during the COVID situation. Some organizations have permitted the use of individuals who are not professional proctors to administer the exam, in some instances, for one on one situations. ECI has refused to compromise the integrity of our professional certifications and the integrity of the exam.

Allowing the exam to be administered without proper protocols potentially invalidates the exam and ultimately the certification. Therefore, ECI has been working around the clock to implement this new exam protocol, which we hope will assist individuals moving forward with their professional certifications.

If you have questions about this new exam option, please feel free to contact ECI at or call (828) 655-1600.

2.0. PDH Opportunities

Staff has received calls and emails with concerns and questions about ways to earn PDHs or not having the required PDHs needed for certification renewal which has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

As previously stated, PDH extensions will be granted, as needed, and upon request. However, if you are looking for ways to earn PDHs during this time, the following options are a few opportunities available to you: 

ECI On-Demand General Principles Reviews – Any current ECI Certified Professional who chooses to grow their career and knowledge with ECI by purchasing one of the new exam option bundles for an additional certification will be awarded two (2) years’ PDHs. These PDHs will also apply to all existing ECI professional certifications.

  • Certified Professionals may earn up to three (3) PDHs per year if they are members of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) and read relevant technical articles in Erosion Control or Stormwater magazine each month for the year. The PDH credits are not awarded for IECA membership, but rather for those professionals that choose to seek membership in IECA and review technical articles monthly in the associated publications, where a learning opportunity is gained.
  • Self-study by reading articles and other publications relevant to the professional certification that expands the professional’s knowledge.
  • Online Webinars

Note: A self-certifying form verifying the articles were read will need to be completed and uploaded into your PDH portfolio, can be found on ECI’s website by clicking here.

If you have questions about PDHs, please feel free to contact ECI at or call (828) 655-1600.