Virginia Enacts a Number of New Laws

Adriana Caldarelli

In recent weeks, a number of new laws were enacted in Virginia impacting stormwater and water quality in the Commonwealth.

SB 551/HB516 : Provides guidelines for the development of a Virginia Flood Protection Master Plan for the Commonwealth and requires that the Coastal Resilience Master Plan be updated.

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SB188: Authorizes the use of third-party long-term stewards to hold and manage the long-term management fund to maintain stream restoration projects.

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HB 1224: Directs the State Water Control Board to update its regulations providing for the certification and use of a proprietary best management practice (BMP) if another state, regional, or national program has verified its nutrient or sediment removal effectiveness and its having met or exceeded all of such program’s established test protocol requirements. For more information, please visit: