EJ4Climate 2022 Grant Winners Announced

Adriana Caldarelli

EPA announced the winners of the EJ4Climate program this week. EJ4Climate is a new $2 million environmental justice and climate resilience grant program, Among the 15 winners, three (3) US winners will receive funding for water-related projects:

  • Common Ground Relief (Louisiana) – addressing coastal flooding through marsh restoration at Grand Bayou Indian Village, including the planting of 3,000 plugs of smooth cordgrass.
  • Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition (Maryland) – building community awareness and taking shared action on climate resilience by employing local youth in planting a new generation of Witness Trees to address increased flooding and shoreline erosion.
  • Conservation Trust for North Carolina (North Carolina) – focusing on “seeding resilience” by converting vacant town-owned parcels to green infrastructure and community gardens and employing local youth to build a recreational trail adjacent to the Tar River.

For more information, please visit: https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/ej4climate-2022-grant-winners-announced-2-million-environmental-justice-and-climate