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Online Exams with Remote Live Proctoring Now Available

EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI), has launched the following Online Exams May 1, 2020 through Prometric:

  • Part A Rules and Regulations
  • Qualified Stormwater Manager (QSM)
  • CESSWI & QSM Bundles
  • CPESC & CPESC - SI Bundles
  • CPSWQ & CPSWQ - SI Bundles

The remaining ECI Professional Certification exams will be available with Live On-Line Proctoring in the following last summer months.

General Principles Review Courses ECI Response To COVID-19

The impact of the COVID-19 virus is continuing to impact the world in unprecedent ways. To assist in combatting the spread of this virus, ECI is taking the necessary responsible measures to reduce exposure and activities that the CDC have prescribed. ECI has currently suspended all live presentations and conference attendance at this time.

All individuals who have signed up for live classes are being offered the following option, which we highly encourage be pursued: All applicants will be provided 30-day access to the On-Demand General Principles review lecture program that can be logged into on-line, 24/7, with access to a personal dashboard that tracks progress throughout the Review that will update the status of each module as it is completed will be provided during registration. Modules can be viewed as many times as needed during the 30-day access period. At the end of each module, registrants will have the opportunity to submit questions that will be answered by technical staff.

To assist the community, ECI has reduced the costs of these pre-recorded, studio lectures to $150.00 during this time of crisis, to assist individuals with advancing their knowledge and pursuits of Professional Certifications. If any individual has paid additional fees for a live class or do not want to exercise the option of the On-Demand, fees will promptly be reimbursed. ECI will continue to closely monitor the situation and will continue to send updates to our Professionals and posting on the webpage. Feel free to email courses@envirocert.org should you have any questions.