ECI Commitment to Reduce COVID-19 Impacts

Our top priority at EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI) has always been to our community, which includes our team, our professionals and customers, our partners and the global community at large. We have taken steps to ensure the continued health and safety of our colleagues during this difficult time and I am sharing an update with you.

We have stopped all travel and we are cancelling all live training sessions, as ECI feels an obligation to the community to reduce any potential or real risk to the propagation of this pandemic. ECI has deployed our remote-work model and our teams have the necessary resources available to do their jobs effectively from home. We have rebalanced work and tasks to maintain production schedules. 

ECI takes our global citizenship role very seriously and we are committed to doing our part in reducing the adverse effects of this virus spread. Melissa and I continue to closely monitor these situations and are adjusting procedures quickly to emerging changes and government recommendations.  As part of our business continuity planning, we will continue to operate at full capacity, maintaining all expected levels of service and support. Key staff that are in the office are following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protocol and requirements

Other elements of our business continuity planning include:

Live Review Courseshave been Cancelled – ECI Offers On-Demand Courses: As stated above, ECI has suspended all live training. All applicants who have signed up for live training sessions will be offered the On-Demand Pre-Recorded Courses at a discounted rate of $150.00 and reimbursed any fees due. We continue to see higher exam passage rates in all certifications of those individuals that have participated in the On Demand, as we believe the self-study approach provides a superior learning model. We are closely monitoring the scheduled upcoming conferences and we will determine confirmation or cancellation as we have more information. 

Exam Centers: Professional test centers remain open, and we are in close contact with PSI as to their business status.

Audits: All current PDH audits have been suspended, and no new audits will be implemented until further notice.

Expired Status: All professionals whose certifications have expired since January 2020 can contact ECI and we will expedite reinstatement.

PDH Extensions: PDH extensions will be granted, as needed upon request.

Late/Reinstatement Fees: All late fees and reinstatement fees will be waived until further notice.

As events continue to unfold, please check our website, for the latest updates. I also encourage all of you to watch for our Newsletter that will provide detailed updates, improvements and advancements within the organization.

Please let us know if there is anything, we can do to assist you during this time. We appreciate your continued support and assistance.


Robert W. Anderson, JD, PE, Executive Director/President