CPESCs are trained, tested and certified to the highest standards. CPESC following your name demonstrates qualification and provides confidence in your ability. CPESC team members ensure that projects run according to regulation, are permitted efficiently and perform exceptionally.

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How to Become a CPESC®: Requirements, Fees & Processes

Secondary Education Requirement

The CPESC Program requires a High School Diploma or a GED (General Education Development) Credential.

Post-Secondary Education Credit

ECI automatically awards maximum Education Credit for Qualifying Degrees (science, planning, and construction management) as shown in the program-specific sections below. Transcripts are required. Education Credit is awarded for non-qualifying degrees at the rate of one half a Qualifying Degree. Transcripts or ECI approved documentation are required. Education credit may also be awarded for professional licensure without a degree. Verification of license is required. ECI reserves the right to review various state licensing not listed to determine applicability.

In Training (IT) Certifications

Details about the In Training (IT) status can be found in the Understanding In-Training Certifications PDF.

*ECI reserves the right to review various State licensing not listed to determine applicability
** Not all science, planning, and construction management degrees apply to every certification. Non-related
degrees will be given half-credit
*** Graduate degrees not in the sciences will not receive any additional credit above a Bachelors

Review Courses

Anyone may take any EnviroCert review course at any time, review courses are not required in order to sit for an exam.

Each review course is designed to ensure the applicants understand which concepts will be covered by the exam and act as a review for most of those concepts. Because this certification is meant to identify experienced professionals concepts will not be reviewed in detail during the review course. Applicants for the exam are expected to have a sufficient combination of education and experience to be able to independently study the materials identified in the General Principles Review Manual. Please visit our calendar of events to find the next course in your area.

Certification: Eligibility & Process

Applicants are not required to take the review courses to qualify for the exam process however applicants must apply to be eligible to sit for an exam.

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