Technical Committee


With over forty (40) years on the international stage, ECI’s Technical Committee continues to promote and advance the technical development and international standards of the stormwater community. ECI has been a pioneer in the environmental field and this legacy has led to the expansion and development of five (5) professional certifications.

This committee is tasked with the challenge of providing leadership in the various fields to ensure that ECI professional certifications provide the public the highest level of standards in the industry. Committee members utilize their skills, professional experience, and knowledge to ensure technical content promotes ECI’s purpose to elevate knowledge and inspire conservation of the global environment through professional certifications.

As the leader in the environmental and stormwater fields of international professional certification, the Technical Committee efforts continue to enhance the mission of ECI. The ongoing advancement and development of these standards are but one of many underlying bedrock tenements that makes ECI Certified Professionals the leaders in the environmental and stormwater arena.

Co Chairs

Mike Chase Jim O’Tousa

Vice Chairs

Kee-Hwee Ngiam Tony Aguilar

International Vice Chairs

Mike Frankcombe Francisco Urueta

Subject Matter Experts

Rick Hajas Ruth Wallace