ANSI National Accreditation Board offers an internationally recognized accreditation for certifying bodies such as EnviroCert International (ECI). Accreditation is a prominent designation that sets an organization apart as it denotes conformity to standards set forth by an accrediting agency and demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement. Accreditation provides a formal recognition and assures industry and government decision-makers that the accredited organization is competent and that their results can be relied on.

As an organization, ECI has been working to implement accreditation compliant policies and procedures as a basis of demonstrating program authenticity, reliability, validity, and transparency. ECI implements the industries best practices by holding our certified professionals to a defined professional knowledge standard. Our certification programs continue to rise to level of licensure programs which sets ECI certifications apart from other programs. ANSI accreditation will assist ECI with the objective of continuous improvement of current and future professional certification programs.

ANSI sets forth requirements related to the programs organizational structure and administration, management (including required policies and procedures), records and document control systems. While ECI has been implementing these ideals already, ANSI accreditation will ensure continuity and scalability by continued audits and validating internal controls. These requirements are embraced by ECI as they align with our established values and standards.

ECI initiated pursuit of accreditation in 2019, we have actively been working with a private consultant and updating policies and procedures as well as writing new ones to achieve this goal. Following the audit performed by the consultant, staff is attending an upcoming ANSI workshop to assist in the pursuit forward in the process.

Ensuing the workshop, ECI will undertake the next steps over the subsequent eight (8) to fifteen (15) months:

After achieving ANSI accreditation, ECI will continue enhancing each professional certification program through reaccreditation and continuing to raise the bar for not only ECI but the industry as well.